Founded in 2016 in Tallinn,

we are the largest Cricket Club in Estonia representing players from 7 nationalities. Our club consists of several members of Estonian National Team and we participate actively in the events conducted by Estonian Cricket Association (ECA), the supervising body of Cricket in Estonia and an associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC).

Why Tallinn United?

We are the largest cricket club in Estonia with 2 active teams. 

Opportunity to learn cricket administration with Estonian Cricket Association(ECA)

Trained players oversee practice sessions.

Consistent performed in EPL & EWL. 

Networking Opportunities.

Fair selection policy.

Our Track Record

Winners EPL 35 2019

Winners EWL 2019

Winners EPL T20 2018

Winners EPL 35 2018

Winners EWL 2017


Winners EWL 2016